MMDA Abstracts Submission



Three categories will be judged: Content, Presentation, and Visual Aesthetics. Under content, the judges will be looking at: Introduction and Objectives, Methods Used, Results Obtained, and Conclusion(s).

Other criteria include:

  • Validity of study or topic area to clinical medicine or medical direction in PALTC continuum (e.g., geriatric and non-geriatric SNFs, home care, hospice, and subacute care)
  • Clarity of description and depth of detail used to report each of the content areas listed above
  • Practical application
  • Innovation in thought or approach
  • Best use of illustrations and tables, including clarity and ease of reading and arrangement in sequence according to their reference in the text
Education / Degrees / Certifications
E-mail where you can be reached regarding membership (this address will not be shared without your permission.)
Please indicate which site of service along the Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Continuum that your presentation will address
300 Word Limit